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The following is an extract from Greg Norman’s interview, immediately after he had lost the Masters Golf Championship to Nick Faldo.

It is important to realise:
• Norman was leading Faldo by 6 shots, going into the final round. He eventually lost by 5 shots – an 11 shot turnaround
• Greg Norman had a reputation as a choker: he has lost major championships before when leading on the final day
• Faldo was Norman’s arch rival: Faldo tended to beat Norman in ‘head to heads’
• The two played the final round together
• A ‘green jacket’ is awarded to the winner of the Masters

“I screwed up today, of course I did, I really screwed up. But it’s not the end of the world for me, it’s really not. God, I’d love to be putting on a green jacket but I’m not going to fall off the face of the earth. Life’s going to continue.

“You know I’m secure for the rest of my life, my kids will be secure and so will the kids’ kids. I think that’s the most important thing, that I’ve been able to do something for my family and for the future generations of my family that nobody’s ever been able to do before – to set up something that will endure hundreds of years down the line. That’s what makes me feel great.”


I am a winner. I just didn’t win today. I’m not a loser. I’m not a loser in life, I’m not a loser in golf tournaments. I win golf tournaments and I’ve won more than my share. I wish I could’ve won what Nick Faldo’s won but I haven’t. But I’m a winner and that’s how I’ve always been in my life.

Three months later Norman went on to win the British Open.

“I feel confident and my approach to whatever I do is that I can do it. If I wanted to be a brain surgeon, and took the time to study it, I could do that. Anyone can do whatever they want to if they dedicate themselves to it. It depends what you want out of life. I want to win the Masters. I didn’t win the Masters, Nick Faldo won the Masters, so he’s got something I haven’t got – yet.”

This inspirational quote is a great example of reframing – of being able to see the positives in even the most difficult of  circumstances. Greg Norman was able to put the defeat into a very positive perspective.

This defeat happened in 1986. 22 years later, Greg Norman, at 53, was leading the British
Open with 9 holes to go. He eventually finished third, but to even be competing at that level
is proof of the man’s self-belief and positive thinking.

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We know it’s a faff
And a bit of a pain;
But it really helps us
Stay on top of our game…

We know it’s a faff
And a bit of a pain;
But it really helps us
Stay on top of our game…