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1: let it go (LIG it): stop hanging on to stuff you can no longer do anything about.  It just weighs you down

2: focus on the positives: seek and you will find….

3: surround yourself with positives: avoid miserable people, miserable friends, miserable work, miserable…you get it…

4: work at being happy: it isn’t a gift, or a birthright.  It isn’t genetic or inherited.  People who are happiest work at being happy – they focus on it as a key goal and ambition

5: work it out: work out what actually makes you happy…

6: do externals really matter? does a fast car, expensive clothes, eating out every night make you happy?  if you’re not happy from within, then externals are unlikely to make the real difference

7: manage your state: happiness comes from within; it’s a state of mind, a state of being.  Shift from being focused on external goals, to internal state

8: you get back what you give out: people are likely to be happier in your company if you are happy in theirs

9: count your blessings: where do you live?  how do you access drinking water daily?  Then consider how most of the world will answer these two questions….

10: don’t be conned: what makes YOU happy?  It may not be what the media or others want you to have – a big car, big house, expensive clothes.  You choose…..

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We know it’s a faff
And a bit of a pain;
But it really helps us
Stay on top of our game…

We know it’s a faff
And a bit of a pain;
But it really helps us
Stay on top of our game…

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