1:  take power naps: set alarm, take 10 minutes; quick refresher…

2: take a break: don’t force it if you are tired.  Take a 10 minute break and use it do do some of the tips below

3: be positive: you choose and own your state of mind.  don’t let something or someone else choose it for you

4:  know your metabolism: are you a morning or evening person?  work, rest and play accordingly.

5:  a change is as good as a rest: variety IS a spice! new = fresh = energising

6:  achieve! nothing succeeds like success.  Set achievable and worthwhile goals; ticking things off your list will give you a real buzz….

7:  surround yourself with energisers: people, places, music, smells, tastes, feelings.  Re-vitalise!

8:  get fresh: fresh air, fresh food, fresh interests, fresh ideas, fresh approaches, fresh perspectives…

9:  get physical: move, bounce, stretch, leap, run, whirl, grip, release, shout, kick, punch (all into space)…

10:  be motivated: that’s the main ingredient – it’s rocket fuel.  Own this.  Don’t depend on others for it

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