1: Decide what’s negotiable, and what isn’t

2: Work out, then ask for, your ideal – it’s the only way you’ll get it, and it gives you something to negotiate from

3: Know your bottom line, and stick to it

4: Remember, anything at or above your bottom line is a win.  If your bottom line is not acceptable…it shouldn’t be your bottom line!

5: Cross trade variables: the essence of negotiation is trading or exchanging one variable for another.  So for instance, you may trade price (down) for volume (up).

6: Work out all your variables in the package – everything that isn’t fixed is a variable – including things that you think are fixed…!

7: Ask for what you want: if the answer is ‘no’, then you are no worse off; if the answer is ‘yes’, you are better off – it’s a no-brainer

8: Negotiate anything that doesn’t work in your favour: for example, a deadline is a variable; if it doesn’t suit you, ask to change it…

9: Be prepared to walk away, especially if issued with an ultimatum that takes you below your bottom line

10: In any discussion around a contract, ask “is this negotiable?” – their answer will tell you not only whether it is or not, but whether the other person opposite you is a negotiator or not…

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