These ideas come from Tony Robbins, who suggests that we can all develop behaviours that are likely to make us more likeable/attractive to others, in terms of the way we behave.  These factors are:

1:  be loving and warm

2:  show appreciation and gratitude

3:  take and show an interest

4:  have excitement and passion

5:  be determined

6:  be flexible

7:  be confident

8:  be cheerful

9:  have vitality

10: make a contribution

At first I thought this list was a bit cheesy, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense, and I could see how people who behaved in this way seemed….more likeable.  The final convincer was when I reversed all the factors, to see what difference that made. Try it – and you’ll see you wouldn’t want to be with anyone who behaved in the opposite way.  So we recommend you check yourself against this list, and if you want to, pick a couple of these factors to work on, and see if they help make a difference….

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