1.     Use the ‘fruit and keyring’ process: set short and longer term goals based on the training.  Associate your short term goal with a piece of fruit, then put that fruit on your desk and refuse to remove it until your goal has been achieved; associate your long term task with a new key ring; put the key ring on your everyday key set, and remind yourself of your task whenever you see the keyring – then remove it when your task is finished, or your change is embedded

2.     Meet together to agree collective ways forward: if you did your training as a group, then meet to agree things you are committed to doing as a group

3.     Make your own personal commitments, and share them: go public on them with the rest of the group, so they know, and can support you, and offer feedback when they see you doing it (or not doing it!)

4.     Produce your own personal commitment poster and put it up in the office

5.     Print a reminder of your collective commitments on the back of every agenda

6.     Use your diary to remind you: choose a set of random dates every fortnight for the next 6 months.  Then, in your diary, put the single word ‘well?’ into that date’s page.  This will then be a regular but random reminder about your commitments, and whether you are keeping to them

7.     Maintain a personal learning log where you record every example where you have applied the new learning, and the impact this has had

8.     Make a daily personal commitment to concentrate on one of those commitments (eg ‘today I will be pleasant to everyone I meet or speak to’; ‘today I will have positive body language in every meeting I attend’) – put a reminder in your diary to do this – eg ‘Today’s commitment: ………………..’ – or make a commitment to a colleague (since we hate letting other people down….)

9.     Create a positive reminder ‘anchor’: choose something from your life that makes you feel positive; create a strong mental image of this, and recall it every time you feel negative or discouraged, so that it can act as a ‘switch’, to take you from negative to positive…you can do this as a team, too, by creating visual anchors for your workspace….

10.       Put the Nike sign up everywhere: JUST DO IT!

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