NLP Coaching can be truly transformational, helping those who undertake the course to get more out of both themselves and others.

NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, enables people to have greater control of their neurological reasoning. This control is gained through understanding how to communicate with your own subconscious effectively, hence linguistic programming.

Controlling your own subconscious might sound straightforward, but actually there is often, usually even a disconnect. The subconscious works towards what it thinks the conscious mind wants, yet this might not actually be your true goal.

The conscious mind might want to achieve more at work, to help you get fitter, to work harder and yet the subconscious mind seems to work towards none of these. You might think ‘I really must work on the presentation’ and yet the subconscious mind seems to find a whole host of other options that seem more appealing, if less productive.NLP Coaching

NLP coaching will address this conflict and get your subconscious and conscious minds in sync. Learning how this communication happens will also enable anyone undergoing coaching to understand how to work with others, becoming a better communicator, team member and team leader.

NLP Coaching has to impart new techniques, techniques and means of internal communication perhaps very different from what a person has been using for decades. We are all born with a brain that is essentially a huge supercomputer, and yet we are not given a manual to actually use it. Inevitably, we can therefore struggle to operate to full capacity.

At Effective Training and Development, we believe that the key strategies of NLP Coaching can be imparted inside four intensive days. This period is long enough to firmly establish the principles, work on exercises and leave any participant with a framework for ongoing improvements. 

Life Enhancing NLP Coaching

The results of this style of intervention are life enhancing, both at work but also at home.

There are many NLP Coaching Courses available of course, how does ours stand out?

Spread over four days, typically two weekends, the course uses a workshop format that encourages reflection, input and discussion. There will be input and expertise from the facilitator, group discussions, video extracts and also practical activities. These will lead to feedback and opportunities for reflection.

The course will give an introduction to NLP and its history, but this will be a whistle stop tour, the aim of the course is not to make you an expert in the history of NLP Coaching, it is to leave you equipped with the life enhancing strategies that are central to NLP. 

This means that the core aim is to learn more than 20 NLP strategies and techniques, these enabling you to make a difference to how you communicate internally but also with others. These techniques will lead to clarity and consistency of message.

The NLP Coaching is just as effective for an individual or for a team, a benefit of team coaching being that the training can come to your place of work – this particularly useful where you want the benefits of NLP Coaching to run through an organisation rather than just being of use to a select few.

However, our course is a fast track to NLP Practitioner course and so anyone completing the learning is left well-placed to train up others at their workplace (or even at home, even if formal learning might not be suited to the home environment!).  On completion of the four-day course, participants will receive a qualification as an NLP Practitioner, this certified by the Society of NLP.

NLP Coaching – An Introduction

For a more basic introduction to NLP Coaching, we also run an introductory course, this a half-day run through of the key principles and assumptions with some techniques learnt to help make a positive difference.

It goes without saying that this quick course cannot impart the deep understanding of NLP techniques that a four-day coaching course can, but it still leaves participants with at least six NLP techniques that be used immediately.

The introductory course is an affordable first step, it has practical benefits but it also allows interested parties to truly get a feel for whether NLP Coaching is an area they are interested in.

At Effective Coaching and Development we have worked with people from all walks of life, helping them achieve their potential and gain internal harmony through NLP Coaching.

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