Just a quick reminder, as we head towards the end of the financial year, that we’re happy to take payment ‘on account’ for work you’d like to do next year, but want to spend in this financial year.  Contact Caroline for further details.


We now have three clients who are running this programme in house.  It is a half or full day programme, to help managers, or the individuals themselves, deal constructively with difficult times and changes – where for example, there are threats of downsizing and redundancy; significant restructuring or budget reductions; or, in the local government sector, where there are changes due to major pay and grading reviews.


During these difficult times, you might bring more training in house, and may want your training and development team to develop, refresh and sharpen their training skills.

Look no further!

Following a request from a client we have completely revamped this product, and now offer a 3-day programme (2 days plus a follow up day) to provide your trainers with the latest in course based training and development.  The course is unique, in that it provides the participants with all the resources used on the course, including all visuals, powerpoints, etc, on a data stick, for participants to take away; and also provides an activity by activity set of trainer notes, so that participants not only have access to the activities, but also to the design thinking and planning behind those activities.  Additionally, it also provides a comprehensive set of icebreakers, energisers and assessment guides – in other words, a complete and up-to-date pack, using many of the techniques from the world of accelerated learning and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)


We’ve now been in business for 19 years, and in June are going to run an open programme called ‘Management Fundamentals’ which draws from almost two decades of our experience.  It will be a collection of Effectives’s ideas, suggestions, hints and tips on how to be a successful manager. It’s for anyone in a management position, or who aspires to be a manager.  The fee will be £275 per person, with discounts for larger numbers.  Once we have an idea of numbers and locations, we will confirm the date and venue.  If you’re interested and want further details, leave a comment below.


We are working with a client to develop value-based behaviours, and he is interested in re-writing job descriptions on this basis.  Have you had experience in this area?  If so, please leave your contact details below and we will get in touch….



We are largely known for our in-house programmes, but we also have a substantial set of printed and DVD resources.  Recent additions include:


Diane and Arnie are writing a series of books…the first has been written, and is being edited…we’ll let you know when it is published…we also have plans to write two more by the end of 2009…Arnie & Julie are now NLP Practitioners, and by Easter Julie will be a Master Practitioner, so expect some new programmes from Effective supporting this powerful learning tool…we are developing a programme for parents of teenagers, to help them support their sons and daughters as they go through their trials and tribulations…we are looking for a partner organisation who might be interested in trialling this programme, eg through schools, colleges or PTAs…


See Arnie’s blog for full details of this, but his two stepsons. David and Nathan, are doing a charity bike ride from Vietnam to Cambodia in November.  One of their fundraising events is going to be a charity auction.

As our contribution, we are offering 1 free day’s training and a half day’s free 1-1 coaching to the highest bidder.  These are two separate items, and can be bid for by an individual or an organisation.  For the day’s training you can have up to 25 people, on any topic – but you provide the venue.  For the coaching session, it would be 3 hours, at a time and venue to suit yourself.  The closing date for both bids is 30 April. To bid, send an email to Arnie at


Please keep your comments and views coming in.  We really appreciate them, especially if they let us know about the impact of any of the training or development we provide.  You’re always welcome to add to our ‘Making a Difference’ section elsewhere on this site.


We’re always happy to send you our newsletter.  If you’d like to go on our mailing list, leave your email address in the box below, or send us an email…

That’s it for now.  All the best.

Arnie, Caroline, Diane, Julie

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