Those of you who know Diane will already know she is currently on extended leave, to care for her husband, Ian, who is poorly.  We would like to thank all of you for your kind messages of help and support, and of course we all wish them both well.


Examples of some of our recent work:


We have just produced our next 4 ‘Effective Xtras’ discs.  Each disc contains our current thinking on a range of management and development topics. The ones just released for 2009 are:

5: leadership

6: managing change

7: micro behaviours

8: dealing with difficulty

They can be purchased separately, or as a full set, and the purchase price includes full site licence.  This means they can be placed on your intranet, allowing full access for all staff.  For details, leave a message below or contact Caroline on 0161 437 6809.


In a previous newsletter we mentioned that Arnie and Julie are both NLP Practitioners.  We are now excited to announce that Julie is now qualified as an NLP Master Practitioner, which includes an NLP Certificate in Teaching Excellence.  This means that she can bring you the most up to date training in NLP and its applications in your organisation to make learning exciting, enjoyable and easy.  If you are interested in finding out just how powerful you can be, we can offer one-day introductions to the transformational tools and techniques of NLP.

Julie says “how exciting it was, then, to be invited by META-NLP to facilitate on their recent seminar, held in Amsterdam, and led by Richard Bandler and John LeValle.  Richard is the co-founder of NLP, and always has been and remains at the very forefront of new technologies.  John is the President of the Society of NLP and co-trains with Richard around the world.  The event was attended by over 200 people from around Europe.  As a facilitator it is always fabulous to realise just how much more there is to learn, and the whole experience lived up to and exceeded all expectations!!  I can’t wait for November…being part of the next seminar in Edinburgh – and have fun learning even more!”


We’ve come across two new web-based applications that you might be interested in:

Paper Show: is a brilliant piece of kit that allows you to do away with flip charts and Smartboards, and is good value at just over £100 (www.papershow.com)

Spotify is a music source, similar to i-tunes, but is free.  Unlike other sources it streams its music from the web.  So you never have a copy on your computer, so you must always be connected to the net.  So long as you don’t mind the occasional commercial, it is free, and very comprehensive.  It’s like having your own jukebox ‘on air’. (www.spotify.com)

Interestingly, both are examples of new wave technology, where the product is streamed to your pc via the web, rather than being held permanently within your software.


As you probably know, we have three websites, one of which is SLIDEAS, a source of free entertaining slide shows we have put together.  The host for this site is Slideshare (worth a look – www.slideshare.com) and we got an email from them recently to congratulate us on having reached the top of their hits list.  We couldn’t understand why any of our slides should be that popular, so we had a look at our latest release, which shows animals in different sleeping/relaxing positions…and then we understood: the title of the slideshow was ‘The Best Positions In Bed’…!


If the MPs expenses scandal has kept you shocked, bemused and amused, you might want to check out ‘MPs or chancers’ on YouTube…


…keep an eye on our other two sites for other news:



Arnie is currently running a ‘tracks of my years’ daily update on his own blog, and would welcome comments on his selection, and suggestions of your own favourite tracks…

And if any of you has enjoyed a course of ours, applied any of the learning, or seen a particular benefit, please leave us a note on this site…

That’s it for now.  Have a great summer!!

Arnie, Caroline, Diane and Julie

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