As the following case studies show, we have lots of evidence of how our contribution has helped make a difference to our clients.

Case 1: Facilitation

We were undergoing a modernisation programme, but had become a bit change weary.  My mission was to merge two well established teams to form a new territory.  Effective facilitated the team day for us in a very professional, innovative and effective manner: from background music to get us relaxed at the start of the day, to a summary action report within 24 hours of the finish.

Two years down the line we are still operating according to agreements made that day.  The Group Director, who meets the team once a year has commented on how well we appear to work together.  There is no ‘appear’ about it.  We are a well-functioning team and that team day was fundamental to setting us off down the right track.  As team leader I particularly benefitted from being able to be part of the team and to sit back and listen, whereas team members appreciated the fresh insight and perspective brought by the external facilitator.  Time and money well spent.  (Visitor Operations Director)

Case 2: Coaching

Throughout my 5 years of training and developing staff I have never been taught the basics of preparing and evaluating training courses.  Everything was in my head but I never had a structured plan.  I was able to have a full day’s 1-1 coaching session with one of Effective’s team.  It was entirely focused on my agenda: training preparation and planning, the evaluation process, training needs analysis and project management.

The session consolidated and confirmed what I was doing well, but gave me fresh insights – for example into the needs of clients as well as those attending the course.  My preparation has now become much more consultative, and my plans are much more thorough, with timed sections within the course programme.  I have a greater knowledge of evaluation techniques.  I have led on projects set by management, and foud the experience more productive and enjoyable, not only for myself, but for all staff involved.  The one day session significantly increased my own confidence, and my capabilities (Training Manager)

Case 3: Consultancy

We requested support from Effective to help us re-launch and re-invigorate our Corporate Mentoring Programme.  It had been running for about 18 months but was not attracting enough participants, and was basically not adding value to the organisation.  Following on from a briefing session, Effective researched the area of Mentoring, drawing on best practice from other organisations, and designed a fresh approach to our Scheme.  This included a Mentoring Folder, in two halves – for mentor and mentoree, with relevant, attractive and easy-to-use pro-formas, to clarify needs and track progress.  It detailed the practical steps needed to access the Programme but also some really useful information on what it means to be a mentor, and the skills required.  In addition to the folder, we also received an introductory cd-rom.  This was used as part of the induction and training for mentors and mentorees.  The cd followed a case study from start to finish, giving examples of what worked well and how the folder could be used to help structure the meetings.

The work carried out for us did exactly what we asked for.  It gave a new structure and direction for our Programme.  It gave us new materials that looked professional and were easy to use.  It gave us an updated approach that was bassed on good practice elsewhere.  It allowed us to re-launch the Scheme with confidence, and feedback from the participants has been extremely positive. (Senior HR OD Manager)

Case 4: Training and Development

Following your session on building positive relations with your staff, I asked my team six things they wanted from me as their tutor.  Blank, surprised faces, silence; most had never been asked this before and did not know what to say.  Eventually though they contributed, and three of the students who have been like a wall so far opened up to me about their needs, failings and desire to learn.

I was deeply touched by today’s session, using the approach suggested on your course.  It has given me a deeper insight into my tutees and the fears they have.  To need to ask them ‘what do you want?’ is crucial and has now underpinned my learner-centred teaching.  That tutorial group was one of those special times a teacher never forgets.  With your help, in that  session I witnessed minor miracles.  The course was simply the best, and applying the learning to my teaching ahs been so rewarding.  thank you. (College lecturer)

If you have been on one of our programmes or had some coaching, and you have felt the benefit, then we’d love to hear from you. Please leave any comments in the box below.

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