Festive Quiz

Here’s a festive quiz to enjoy.  The answers are also on this website:

1:  Which country as a gift donates the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square?

2:  Which ruler banned UK citizens from eating mince pies?

3:  Name all 8 of Santa’s reindeer

4:  The song ‘White Christmas’ originally appeared in which film?

5:  Which country is ‘Lapland’ in?

6:  Who wrote ‘The Snowman’?

7:  In which modern day country would you find Bethlehem?

8:  These are the first lines of famous carols – what are they?




9:  What was last year’s Christmas No. 1?

10: What festively connects these people: Isaac Newton, Humphrey Bogart, and Annie Lennox?

…and an Effective Quiz, with prizes!

The first 3 people to answer these questions correctly and email them to me will get a free 3-hour session for themselves or their organisation.  All answers can be found on our website….good luck!

1:  how many courses are listed under the ‘courses’ heading?

2:  which of the following is NOT currently one of our courses:

Powerful Presentations

Being Enterprising

Managing Attendance

3:  what are Arnie and Caroline’s ‘main states’?

4:  how many cases are listed under ‘Making A Difference’?

5:  most of our courses are 1 day only:  which one is an exception, and runs for 4 days?

6:  what’s our satisfaction rating from clients?

7:  we offer a product called ‘SETI’.  What is it?

8:  how many values do we have listed?

9:  name 3 of our clients listed on the website

10:  how many options are listed under 1-1 coaching?

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Review of 2017

A quick recap of our previous 12 months:

…and for the new year ahead…

It only remains for us to wish you a happy, healthy and safe festive season and a happy new year– see you in 2018!

Arnie & Caroline