Become an NLP Practitioner….action plans failing to be implemented?  Look into what we advise on our Design and Delivery workshop…how to learn faster than ever before – and remember it… coaching!!! what on Earth…?  A range of options for your next Management Programme…and finally, let us take your brain for a walk….read on…

NLP for individuals:  we are now offering a fully accredited Practitioner Programme for individuals.  It will be a 60 hour programme, designed to fit each individual’s needs – eg blending e-learning, distance learning, 1-1 coaching and weekend or evening workshops.  The fee will be £1500 (£25 per hour) plus a registration/certification fee of £125.  If interested, contact Arnie or leave your contact details below.

Design into Delivery:  Do you create action plans which then fail to deliver?  This one day workshop takes your action plan as the starting point rather than the finishing point. Want to know more?  Contact Diane or leave your contact details below.

Learnfast: how would you feel if you could learn in an hour what would normally take you a day?  Would you like to help your staff – or even your children – learn easily and with enjoyment?  Maybe even hold an event in your child’s school?  We are increasingly convinced that learning is easy and effective if the right processes and tools for learning, and for the learner, are used.  This one-day workshop offers you the chance to learn how to help others (and yourself) learn more speedily and effectively than ever before.  Be great to talk to you about it!

The Mobile Coach: Would you like some 1-1 support from the comfort of your own office, desk or home?  Good coaching does not always need to be physically face to face.  We are all time (and cost) sensitive.  So we  now offer a full coaching and support service via phone, Skype, email and text. We can deliver at a time and place, and in a style, that suits you.  “Arnie and his team were truly effective in providing on-line coaching and support.  We have benefitted enormously from their knowledge, insight and energy” (FE College Principal)

MDPs with a difference: We are currently running 3 in-house Management Development Programmes, each innovative in its own way.

Get in touch if you wanat something innovative for your organisation.

Braintrain: take your right brain for a walk: we now send a number of clients a regular (fortnightly) email containing a puzzle to solve.  The aim is to encourage lateral and creative thinking.  If you’d like to subscribe (no charge) then send us your name and address.  Remember, we also run programmes on creativity and innovation..!

Enjoy the summer – and remember to take the sunshine with you wherever you go!

For further details of any of the above programmes or events, email

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