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As you are reading this, then you are obviously aware of our first piece of news!  We have three new websites – this one, Arnie’s own blog and our Slideas site – offering free-to-download powerpoint presentations  We’d like you to have a look at all three, then let us know:

Weve tried to make the sites interactive, and we really would value your views, ideas and contributions.  So we all hope to hear from you, regularly!!

If you’d like regular easy access to this website, then you might want to bookmark it now, or include it as one of your favourites (it saves you typing in the address each time….!)

Using IT to liven up your training

This is a new programme we have developed.  It’s not for people new to computer technology – you need a basic understanding, for example, of how to use powerpoint and access the web.  But equally it’s not for people who are very experienced in using computers and the internet.  Instead, it IS for people who have some knowledge, but would like to use the IT to freshen up their training, and use it in innovative and exciting (but easy to develop) ways.  So if you’d like to spend a day working on how to use IT to liven up your learning, then this is for you!

Accelerated Learning for Trainers

This is another of our new one-day courses.  It has been designed for one of our Irish clients, and has proved really popular and effective:

“I really enjoyed the day, and took so much from it”

“Thanks – a great session.  I’m already putting the learning into action”

“The session was informative, lively, fun…I have already benefitted from the session, improving my own energy and interaction”

It’s main focus is on how to provide quick learning that sticks – something every trainer or teacher should be interested in.

Helping People Through Difficult Times

We currently have three clients whose organisation is going through significant change, and a change which has losers as well as winners.  We have been asked to run programmes to help staff deal with these difficult times, and also to help managers manage this situation.  The response has been very positive:

“enlightened….” “encouraged…” “positive…” “inspired…” “energised to do something,…”

Fab Feedback …


How about this for feedback.  It’s from a participant on a recent ‘Accelerated Learning’ course:

“A fantastic day.  I’ve learned loads – and you’ve told me nothing!”

The aim of the programme is to make the learning more intuitive, so people learn automatically, subconsciously, whilst being entertained or engaged in other things, rather than listening to formal presentations or inputs… this is the very best feedback and compliment I could have had


I’ve spent some of the last two years project managing and running a regional mentoring scheme linking 13 local authorities.  It has been very successful – the programme has been supported by special events, training, coaching, and a series of tailor made dvds and workbooks.  As the extract from a recent letter from the Chair of the Scheme shows, the hard work has really paid off, since the Scheme has been judged a real success:

“I’m writing to formally thank you on behalf of CWIP for all your hard work and commitment to the programme.  We are delighted with the way the Scheme has been received by participants.  The fact that you have helped make such a cross sub-region scheme such a success is a real testament to your enthusiasm and expertise”

If you are interested in the Scheme, or the materials produced, click here for further details.


I had this email from one of last week’s participants.  Not only is it great feedback, but shows how it can really be a small world…

“Many thanks again for such a stimulating learning experience last week in Swindon.  I am still buzzing from it.  I have just had a weekly with my manager, Jane, and she was on another of your courses in the same week!!  So she knows and understands what I was saying about you and your methods….”

Recent Developments

Arnie … has given a keynote talk on motivation to a Conference of over 170 college tutors

Diane … is shortly off to Switzerland, as part of working with a new client in the legal sector

Julie … has recently attended a Conference in Edinburgh for advanced NLP practitioners

And Finally …

… can we all wish all of you a happy, safe and relaxing festive season.  If you want to have a fun two minutes, to put you in a good mood, switch on your speakers, then go to U Tube and search ‘White Christmas cartoon’, and enjoy!

We look forward to seeing and working with you in 2009!

For details of any of the programmes mentioned above, or for any further enquies please contact us

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