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… from our top ten tips podcast… covering a wide range of management and personal development topics… new episodes weekly.
  1. aim

    In order to be motivated, you first need a motive – a purpose, goal or ambition…. There are two key types of motivation: destination (result) or journey (process). If you play, or have played, a sport, what matters most to you: winning (even if it’s a boring game); or taking part and having fun (even if you lose)?

  2. attitude

    You might have a clear aim or goal, but you are not particularly attached to it. It may have been given to you by a parent, or a teacher, or your manager. You are clear about what’s required, but your attitude towards it isn’t positive. In which case, you are less likely to be motivated by it: if it seems trivial, or pointless – why bother?

  3. anticipation

    I’d love to play American Football professionally. That’s a clear aim, and I have a positive attitude towards it. But given my age and skill set, there is no way on this Earth that I could ever make it. So I lack the anticipation I would otherwise need. So this boils down to a lack of self-belief, or self-confidence. Entirely appropriate in my case – but some people just don’t achieve what they are truly capable of achieving – if only they had belief and confidence in themselves…

  4. ability

    Of course one of the reasons I have no motivation to play American Football is I lack the key skills – and physique. And I’m far too old….so my ability is limited – and it could be by lots of other factors too – lack of opportunity; poor health; lack of money or equipment. And one that I think is crucial but often overlooked: a lack of the right strategy…

  5. action

    You’ll get nowhere just sitting there. To fulfill your ambition, you have to take action….put in the effort, show enthusiasm, have loads of energy. Have determination and drive…

  6. achievement

    Nothing succeeds like success – so set small and achievable goals, that once achieved, incentivise you to keep going…

  7. lack of resource

    The first of four classic obstacles – a lack of resource, that will significantly restict the ‘Ability’ element…

  8. lack of information

    Either you don’t know, clearly enough, what you need to do -or you don’t know why – which will encourage a negative attitude…

  9. lack of skill

    Either you can’t do it at all, or you can’t do it to the appropriate level…

  10. over-motivation

    Sometimes the problem lies in the other direction – you can be too motivated. Negative consequences of this could include:

    • not being willing to stop – becoming over-tired and making mistakes
    • taking things too far
    • the opportunity cost of not doing other things you should be doing
    • setting standards that it is impossible for you – or others – to keep up
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We know it’s a faff
And a bit of a pain;
But it really helps us
Stay on top of our game…

We know it’s a faff
And a bit of a pain;
But it really helps us
Stay on top of our game…